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The Basics of Glow Engines

Feb 13, 2022 | Member Submissions

The Basics of Glow Engines



Engine Speak

There is some basic engine terminology you should know to better understand and properly run your model engine. Here’s a list of common terms. The engine case is the main body of the engine. The head is the part on top of the engine, which is usually bolted in place with four to six bolts. In its center is a threaded hole where the glow plug is installed. The sleeve is the inside cylinder lining that houses and guides the piston. It is a separate piece from the engine case and has openings or ports cut into its side. Ports are channels or openings inside the engine case that transfer the fuel and air mixture from the crankcase to the combustion chamber. The ports are opened and closed by the upward and downward motion of the piston. ABC refers to the materials used in the engine. An ABC engine is one with an aluminum (A) piston, fitted inside a brass (B) sleeve, that’s been chrome (C) plated. Most higher-quality engines have ABC construction. The connecting rod is the part that attaches the piston to the crankshaft. The connecting rod has bushing at either end and is connected to the piston with a wrist pin and to the crankcase with a crankpin. …Read More

Written by Aaron Balwich Maintenance and running tips to keep your two-stroke engine happy Technical As seen in the August 2017 issue of Model Aviation.